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Transferring your Domain Name to ImHosted.comô (advanced)

To transfer or modify a domain, you must go to your current domain registrar and follow their instructions on how to transfer. Most companies require a password for transferring a domain, so we are unable to assist you with this. You WILL need our DNS information, which is listed below. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.

How to transfer a domain name

1. Find out where the domain name was purchased. Then go to that site/registrar and see what is required for a dns name server change. If you don't have the password for your account, you will need to contact the person/company who registered your domain.

2. You can do a Whois search on the domain name and see who owns it and where they bought it.

3. Links to sites that are common and search tools for domain name information. ,

4. If you used Network Solutions to register your domain name you will need to fill out a form for changes to the primary and secondary name servers. They are located here:

5. Our DNS / Name Server information is listed here.

Customers who signed up after 15/May/2002, please refer to your initial welcome letter. It contains your correct nameserver settings. If you are transferring your domain to us and would like to know what nameservers you will be using, please contact our sales team.

After you update DNS settings you will need to wait 24-72 hours before changes occur worldwide. This is known as the propagation period and is a process every domain must go through.

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