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Use any of these buttons for display on your site. To use our logos and images, simply save the graphics below (go to graphic, right mouse click and then "Save Picture As" with Internet Explorer or "Save Image As" with Netscape Navigator) and then copy them onto your website. Remember to follow the Overall Branding & Trademark Usage guidelines.

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Special Buttons


Standard Buttons

Large Logo

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How to Place the Buttons on Your Web Site

Here is the HTML code to include the buttons on your page:

Imhosted Service Logo

Rules For Proper Branding and Trademark Use

  1. When using a IMHOSTED trademark, never vary the spelling, add or delete hyphens in the trademark or logo.
  2. IMHOSTED may from time to time modify the trademarks or logos. IMHOSTED will make reasonable efforts to give third parties advance notice of such modifications.
  3. In order to assure compliance and quality control, you will, upon request of IMHOSTED provide samples of marketing and promotional material that include IMHOSTED trademarks or logos.
  4. The Publisher shall not modify or alter the logo or images in any manner, other than resizing.
  5. No other logo or trademark can be used in conjunction with IMHOSTED's product names or trademarks except in the case where written consent has been granted by IMHOSTED.